It only takes one doesn’t it!

  • Red Balls

    EuroMillions 139,838,160 to 1

    EuroMillions AKA “The Idiot Tax” by my brother. But let’s not let the leader of the “fun police” stop us!! If you’ve ever spent time thinking about your number selections then this saves you that time by providing a random selection instantly for you. I’ve coded a random set of numbers with my own algorithms including “Galton” weighted results in an effort to improve your probability of a win. If you don’t like the look of the set of numbers provided…
    Compute again for a fresh set.

  • National Lottery

    National Lottery 45,057,474 to 1

    The UK National Lottery. If you’ve ever wasted time pondering how lucky the set of numbers you pick might be! This might be for you as it takes your pondering time away. This computes using mathematical principles and my algorithms of experimental probability. The calculations are made from a study of previous draws designed to try to improve your probability of a win. Remember, the odds remain the same! If you don’t like the look of the set of numbers provided…
    Compute again for a fresh set.

    National Lottery
  • EuroMillions pattern matching

    Pattern Matching

    Find a pattern and you could predict the EuroMillions results 😳 This is deeply flawed on many levels not least of which is the fact that it doesn’t use all possible combinations drawn as that would take well over a million years to acquire the data. Not forgetting the draw is RANDOM! So why this tomfoolery? I wanted to witness how quickly my computer could process a large amount of data graphically. It’s just programming intrigue/fun! Do let me know if you discover a pattern ;-) WARNING Patience required. This will slow down your browser.

    Pattern Search
  • Proportional scale calculator

    Proportional Scaling Calculator

    On many occasions I’ve wanted to scale an image proportionally to include in my website code. A search for “online proportional scaling calculator” didn’t reveal pretty results. So, I’ve built this and designed it for website coders and graphic designers alike, well anyone actually! From the link below it opens in a perfectly small window for you to keep open whilst performing your calculations without taking up too much screen real estate. Please let me know of any improvements you would like to see via the “Buy Me a Coffee” comments. Thank You.

    Proportional Scale Calculator
  • Sexy Croissant

    If you have to ask!
    You can’t afford it

    “Sexy Croissant” Probably the sexiest image in the world! My next door neighbour said “It’s more captivating than the f*****g Mona Lisa!” Spend a moment gazing at the Sexy Croissant’s rounded ends and you will be drawn deeply into it’s unique form. People with Synaesthesia can smell it!😳 Truly a masterpiece that you will have the opportunity to own very soon as it will be offered as a superlative NFT purchase. Sexy Croissant has entered the Ethereum Blockchain. Click the button on Open Sea to register your interest.
    Ethereum 500

  • Russian warships

    Russian warships
    scores on the doors

    Wonderful Engineering Screenshot

    A post dropped into my Facebook feed. It seemed to be jingoistically proclaiming another “victory”. However upon reading the article the ship in question was not destroyed. Damaged and still afloat if indeed the propaganda is not fake? As so very often in news, the article didn’t provide any context. It left me wondering how many warships are in the Russian navy? So, I created the following web page to graphically represent this.

    Russian warships
  • Invisible Deck Playing Cards

    Invisible deck instructions

    Probably one of the best card tricks in the world the “Invisible Deck”. It requires you learn a few rules.

    1. Is the chosen card odd or even? This determines which way you pull the cards from the pack. If the chosen card is odd then evens should be face up and vice versa.
    2. Spades = Hearts
    3. Clubs = Diamonds
    4. Now learn the 13 rule. You must calculate the card that when added to the chosen card = 13

    That’s it!

    Example: Chosen card 4 Spades. It's even, pull your deck out odd face up. You're looking for a Heart (because spades = hearts). You're looking for 9 because 9 + 4 = OUR MAGIC NUMBER 13

    Note: There are 13 cards in a suit. Ace to King. This means Kings = 13. So, reversing a King will show you it's invisible King. King of Hearts = King of Spades, King of Clubs = King of Diamonds


    Downloadable svg playing cards courtesy of

    Card Tricks - Including the Invisible Deck explained.

    Practice Invisible Deck
  • Beautiful girl and money in a suitcase

    Attractive Odds Generator

    As the title, a lovely little slider to help you choose some attractive odds on the fly.

    1. Estimated cost of Prize
    2. Cost of a ticket
    3. Number of tickets


    That’s it! All done with Javascript.

    Odds Generator
  • Beautiful girl and money in a suitcase

    Horizontally and Vertically align
    an image in your browser

    It's relatively easy to align elements horizontally with css.
    <p style="text-align:center;">I'm centered</p>
    Introduce the vertical alignment and it get's a little more tricky.

    The following two examples are currently the best ways to center content horizontally and vertically.

    Pure CSS using transform

    Best used as a one-off holding page image


    Best used as a template for many pages whereby you might want multiple columns of content centered

    Play with it

    Open the two examples below and then play with the size of your browser's screen size to witness the content staying in the middle of the screen and also reducing in size when you make your browser screen too small for the original image

    CSS to center both horizontally and vertically

    FlexBox to center both horizontally and vertically

I built the random generators as a project to manipulate numbers using Javascript. Programming theoretical and experimental probability along with conditional probability. Additionally I’ve weighted results with Quincunx (Normal distribution bell curve). they’re all there in the results. I’m tweaking and improving as I go along, even providing a premium version with additional programming - see below. I’ve been using the generators for my own selections, primarily in the EuroMillions game. Over the weeks I feel I’m having a greater success rate than I used to have. It’s too soon to say if it’s really working or I’ve just been uncharacteristically lucky only more time will tell.

Disclaimer: The numbers computed do not guarantee any win whatsoever. They are merely suggestions of numbers to play with what I believe are improved probability outcomes.

FAQ: The numbers computed are pretty much unique to you. The odds of others seeing the same numbers as you are (although not impossible) very very low. So don’t think everyone using this site is seeing the same numbers for each draw, they’re not.

I, like nearly everyone else, used to pick numbers randomly. Now, it gives me great satisfaction to know the numbers I’m playing have had some thought & probability calculations built in.

Finally, be gamble aware. It should only ever be for fun. This site recommends that you do NOT gamble. Examine the odds. Never bet what you cannot afford to lose.

Processing Power Premium Edition Processing Power Premium Edition Processing Power Premium Edition Processing Power Premium Edition Processing Power Premium Edition



As mentioned earlier, I’ve continued to add what I believe are “useful” processing functions (I got carried away). Then decided provide this extra functionality as PREMIUM versions which can be accessed via my buy me a coffee page.

For the PREMIUM versions I’ve added extra processing to the random number generators which include the exclusion of numbers that are too close to previous draws (based on 3 consecutive number matching). PLUS Previous pair matching falling between the average occurrances of previous draws. The PREMIUM Euro Random Number Generator has additional Lucky Star processing based on the previous draw’s lucky stars.


Access to the PREMIUM versions through my supporters page
buy me a coffee


It’s worse than you might allow yourself to think (Now there’s a slogan).
Playing 2 tickets every week, then you will have 1.3 million years to hit the jackpot. The average person’s life expectancy is 72.6 years. To play a European Lottery you need to be 18 years old. So, you only have 54.6 years of opportunity to win a jackpot playing 2 tickets/week. (btw This would cost you £14,169)

What is this website?

This website is a platform for some of my programming projects or things that I find interesting on the internet. I’m particularly fascinated by big data manipulation along with theoretical, axiomatic, conditional, and importantly experimental statistical probability.